Who We Are

Progressive Care Australia was Registered as a proprietary limited company under Corporations Act 2001 in the State of Victoria. The company was formed with the intentions to provide support services to people with disabilities, their families and carers in Victoria. Progressive Community Services is dedicated to addressing unmet need across the community. We work with clients from diverse cultural and social backgrounds and lifestyles, who have varied and different life experiences, physical abilities and skills. Our workforce will reflect this diversity.

Our  Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the principles of equality, the dignity of the individual and a commitment to excellence.
Our added values are proper training and education of each job description; delegation of authorities and expectation of risk-taking accountability and responsibility in action to all employees.
Our focus is on your independence, lifestyle and well-being, with services provided your way. All our services are focused on delivering a better lifestyle for you, wherever and whenever.


Our vision is to empower families and individuals living with disability through the best services and support. The support they need to achieve a happy and fulfilled life without any barriers.


Progressive care Australia’s mission is to create and build a network of flexible services that will provide from one accessible location, information, assistance, support, resources and programs in a safe and happy living and learning environment to individuals, families, carers and other service providers. 


Our support services are underpinned by values of authenticity, quality, responsiveness, kindness and hope.

We care for people, families and communities.

We are accountable.

We are respectful

We have integrity

We are innovative

We collaborate

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